Running Training Courses Can be Stressful

As a training company, you’re main focus is on delivering amazing training to your customers. However, you still need to take care of the everyday admin tasks that keep everything ticking over. Using Administrate’s training booking system could save you hours of admin time and leave you free to concentrate on delivering your training.

Process Bookings Quickly

If you’re processing your bookings and registrations using paper, chances are you spending quite a large chunk of time on admin. Doing things like collecting student details, sending out joining instructions, preparing and sending invoices, and emailing confirmations can take up a lot of your time every day. With our Training Management and Booking Software you can do all these things quickly and easily, meaning you can process bookings and registrations in just a few clicks. You can also integrate Administrate with you website, and automatically take online registrations and payments!

Taking online payments also creates a better experience for your customers. Websites that accept payments for bookings rate higher with customer than those who take payment as a separate stage of the booking process. Not only are online payments safer for you and your customer, they also mean you’ll receive payment up front, meaning you don’t need to send invoices or chase up late payments.

Keep Track of Your Documents

Administrate’s document management system means you’ll never have to worry about losing a document again. The system helps you file and find your important documents when you need them most! Searching for the document you need is simple, and you can even set up permissions for the documents which correspond to your user groups, meaning you can control who sees what. This means you can access all your documents on the move, and documents are automatically backed up for you, so you won’t need to worry about losing anything!

Create Reports in Seconds

Administrate’s reporting system means you can build custom reports using any field in the system, meaning you can specify what data you want to see and then save the reports for future use or distribution. This part of Administrate is free, and we are frequently told it is one of the favourite features of our customers.

Keep Everything up to Date

Integrating our Training Management and Course Booking Software with your website not only means that you’ll only have to update one system, but it also means that everything on your website will be as up to date as possible. Having out of date information on your website could be turning potential customers away! Use Administrate to keep your website fresh and attract as many course bookings as possible.

Market Your Courses

Marketing your courses may be something you’ve been finding it hard to dedicate time to or keep track of. Administrate’s marketing system is designed to help training companies create and implement different marketing campaigns and activities, and then track ROI. We also provide full integration with industry leading email service providers, which means you can create great looking marketing emails, send them to list members, and see who opens and clicks your emails.

We want you to be amazingly successful, and spend more time on what you do best.