Make Your Job Easier
with Online Course Bookings

Running a training company can mean a lot of administration, which uses a lot of your time that could be best placed somewhere else. Using Administrate’s online course booking system could make your job a lot easier, and leave you with lots of time to focus on more important matters.

Easy Websites Integration

Integrating Administrate with your website means you can make sure all the information on your website is up to date.

Integration cuts out the need to update information on your internal site and your client-facing website separately, as you can do it all in one go. Not only will this save you time, it will make sure you’re not losing customers who are put off by out of date information. We have three different options available that are built to fit your technical level, so if you have no technical experience or are an experienced programmer, we have a package that will suit you.

Process Bookings Quickly

Processing bookings and registrations for courses involves a lot of admin tasks. From collecting student data, sending out joining instructions, creating invoices, emailing confirmation to students, making sure all the details are correct, and then repeating all of that for every student on the course. This means a lot of time that you’re spending on admin could be spent focussing on delivering training. Using Administrate means that you will be able to process bookings and registrations in just a few clicks, saving you a lot of time. Or you can automatically take online registrations, bookings, and payments online using one of our great website integrations.

Using Online Course Bookings

Accepting online course bookings is a great way to grow your training business quickly. We’ve seen our customers double their business simply by increasing their online presence to include course bookings. You may think that online booking requires a lot of money and time to get going, but our suite of website integrations will get you up and running with very little upfront investment. We also have options that will fit any website, no matter what technology you’re currently using.

Making Your Job Easier

Take Online Payments

Taking online course bookings and online payments not only makes your job easier, but they also make your customers happier! Websites that accept online payments have been seen to perform better and rate higher with customers than those who take payment at a separate stage. Online payments are safer for both you and the customer, and with the payments reaching you instantly, you’ll never have to send out an invoice or chase missing payments.

Great Support

Administrate has a free support desk that our customers are exceptionally happy with, so much so that The University of York said “Administrate runs the best help desk we’ve ever seen”. We have a market-leading ticketing system integrated with Administrate, which means you can raise a ticket in seconds. Our staff will call you if they need to speak to you to resolve the problem, but 90% of tickets are resolved with a quick email.

We want you to be amazingly successful, and spend more time on what you do best.