Managing multiple training courses means a lot of administrative work.

Most course booking options are built for “one-off” events or conferences that might only happen once or twice a year. Training companies or departments running a daily regimen of courses often struggle to find systems that fit their needs.

Have you ever struggled with these challenges?

Sound Familiar?

If you face any of these challenges, you’ll love our online course booking and training management system! Our mission is to provide you amazing booking management software that saves you admin time and lets you accomplish far more than before.

Why We’re Different

We provide one system that is built just for training companies and departments. It includes everything you need to fully run your operation within the cloud, and is trusted by hundreds of companies around the world to deliver education to millions of students.

Save Time

Using our course booking system can save you days of administration time and ensure you stay organised at all times.   You’ll reduce duplicate data entry, process bookings and registrations with just a couple of clicks, create reports in seconds, and you won’t lose track of what’s important with our tasks system.

Automated Emails

One key way Administrate can save you time is through automated emails. Organising a training course can mean a lot of time spent writing and sending emails, which is time that could be better spent. By setting up email templates which are automatically sent based on criteria you set, you can save hours of administration time, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to send those important emails!

One-Click Document Generation

Automatically generate certificates, evaluations forms, joining instructions, invoices, sales proposals, and a range of other documents, with just one click. With all the relevant information already filled out, this will take the headache out of creating documents for your training course.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!


Not Just a Course Booking System.
A Complete Training Management System

Delivering great training and online education doesn’t have to be difficult. But you do need the right tools and support or you’ll constantly feel like your administrative chores are overwhelming. Our comprehensive training management system includes:

  •  A powerful CRM (or integration options with your existing CRM)
  •  Flexible and purpose built course and event management
  •  Online course booking options designed to work on any website
  •  Resource management (instructors, rooms, and more) with automated reminders
  •  Great eLearning options
  •  Powerful reporting and analytics that provide you insight into your financials, marketing, courses, and staff performance
  •  Straightforward marketing system to help you increase course bookings
  •  Support for raising invoices quickly and conveniently

We want you to be amazingly successful, and spend more time on what you do best.